Caring for our future generation


Precious Moments Foundation is a nonprofit private organization working to ensure that every parent who needs child care to get to work or attend school should be able to afford quality care that  fosters early education and healthy development and not leave the children in  unhealthy and unregulated child care setting.

Families should be able to seek quality child care that provides safe environment for children with trained teachers and staff offering consistent, positive and responsive interactions with children while focusing on creative and a variety of age appropriate activities.

Numerous studies have shown that a child’s brain develops during the early years of life; quality care from birth can affect the kind of learner a child becomes. Children who have had these early learning experiences demonstrate problem solving skills, motivation and academic achievement once they have reached school. Children entering kindergarten with skills they need to succeed are more likely to graduate from high school, continue on to college and become productive workers.

High quality early education and child care is an investment for the future of our children, in a much larger sense, an investment in the future of our neighborhood, our community and our society at large.